WorkSoft WinSubst

WorkSoft WinSubst 0.6

Developer Dmitry Udalov

WinSubst has graphical interface and a more functions than subst.exe.

Disk Washer

Disk Washer 6.0

Developer AE Software Technologies

Clean Disk 2010 will help you find and fix orphaned shared DLLs and more.

All in one Cleaner

All in one Cleaner 2.0

Developer YL Computing Inc

All In One Cleaner is a suite of tools to clean your system, it includes Disk.

Hard Disk LED

Hard Disk LED 2.0

Developer Pragmatica Software Limited

Hard Disk LED simulates hard disk/cd-rom/floppy lights that flash every time there's a disk activity...


DOS Commands to FIX Corrupted Disk

DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch

DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch 4.0

Developer DIY DataRecovery

It recovers data by repairing corrupted disk structures.


ErrorSafe 1.3

Developer ErrorSafe

ErrorSafe - is the ultimate solution to scan and fix computer problems.

Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk 3.1

Developer Dekart

Dekart Private Disk is a file and folder security tool for Windows.

LogMeIn Rescue AVI File Fixer

LogMeIn Rescue AVI File Fixer 8.0

Developer LogMeIn, Inc.

Fix corrupted Rescue screen recording .avi files with this utility.


CheckFolder 1.1

Developer The Dominetrix Team

CheckFolder performs integrity validation of all the files present in any device.


EasyConsole 1.2

Developer Soft Experience

Enhances DOS navigation in drives, remember and save DOS commands on buttons.

Disk Doctors Undelete

Disk Doctors Undelete 1.0

Developer Disk Doctors Data Recovery Software

Disk Doctors Undelete is a powerful and reliable file recovery tool.

WFP Tools

WFP Tools 1.0

Developer Camtech 2000

Replace or Delete Infected, Corrupted or Locked Files and Folders.

MO Disk Formatter

MO Disk Formatter 6.0


This package includes the MO disk formatter for Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS.

MediaHeal for Removable Disks

MediaHeal for Removable Disks 1.6

Developer Recoveronix Ltd.

MediaHeal for Removable Disks retrieves files from corrupted removable disk.


DOS Commands to FIX Corrupted Disk

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner 7.8

Developer WiseCleaner, Inc.

Wise Disk Cleaner can help you keep your computer organized.

Dynamic Disk Converter Server Demo

Dynamic Disk Converter Server Demo 1.0

Developer DDC Development Team

Dynamic Disk Converter is a professional dynamic disk management wizard .

Dos Commands

Dos Commands 2.0

Developer midosoft

Fix-It Disk Optimizer

Fix-It Disk Optimizer 3.0

Developer Avanquest Software USA, Inc.

Fix-It Disk Optimizer removes all the fragments from the hard disk.


DiskDirector 11.0

Developer Acronis

Disk Director is an disk management product available.

Best Disk Repair

Best Disk Repair 9.0

Developer Best Recover, Inc.

Best Disk Repair can restore corrupted files from drives.

Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer

Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer 3.0

Developer Avanquest Software

PC Peregrinato

PC Peregrinato 1.0

Developer Vinit Siriah

This Program reads the messages from GSM modem and run the DOS commands in PC.

Trying to FIX my HTTP Desktop

Trying to FIX my HTTP Desktop 1.0

Developer <no manufacturer>

Disk Check

Disk Check 1.1

Developer Puran Software

Disk Check can help you scan your disk drives for errors and fix them.

PC MightyMax - Click Install to fix your computer.

PC MightyMax - Click Install to fix your computer. 1.0

Developer PC MightyMax, Inc.

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