Command22 1.0

Developer Touch22

It enables your application to run MS-DOS command and console application.


SoftDisc 3.0

Developer EZB Systems, Inc.

SoftDisc organizes and manages CD/DVD images in different drives and folders.

CD Eject Tool

CD Eject Tool 2.9

Developer CD Eject Tool

CD Eject Tool is a utility that manages your CD Drive doors.

CD Drive Tool

CD Drive Tool 3.0

Developer Ingmar Jorgensen Software

CD DriveTool gives you on screen or system tray control with your CD Rom Drives.


DOS Command to Close CD Tray

Tray Commander Lite

Tray Commander Lite 1.2

Developer Ardamax Software

Tray Commander Lite is a free tray menu for Windows computers.

CD Madness

CD Madness 2.5

Developer V. Nikitenko

CD Madness is a system-tray based program that lets you control your CD drives.

Tray Folder

Tray Folder 3.0

Developer Titlebar Software

Tray Folder is a launcher with plenty of useful extras.

CD Tray Control

CD Tray Control 2.0

Developer Jan Weiland

Desktop Media

Desktop Media 1.7

Developer Ian Perez

Desktop Media 1.7 is a Windows program that adds drive icons to your desktop.

CD Ejector

CD Ejector 1.1

Developer GadgetWare

WinEject is a small windows utility to open and close the tray of cd-rom.


DDCDes 2.0

Developer Dikiye Dvizheniya

A CDROM tray utility that resides in your system tray and lets you open/close your CDROM drive with...

2002 CD Eject

2002 CD Eject 2.5


2002 CD Eject is a utility that manages your CD ROM drive doors.

Tray Command Line

Tray Command Line 5.0

Developer self

Easy to use handy command line utility for Windows95 - excellent replacement for Start->Run command....


Eject 5.0

Developer Fujitsu Services

From a DOS Prompt, you can now EJECT the CDROM tray. Very useful if it's difficult to reach the ejec...


DOS Command to Close CD Tray

DOS Command Tools

DOS Command Tools 2.0

Developer ITD - Desktop Services

Command Prompt Facelift

Command Prompt Facelift 0.7

Developer Pompous Productions©

A free, easy to use DOS command line that sits patiently onyour Desktop, allowing you to navigate an...


FastEject 1.2

Developer AllWeb Software

FastEject is a quick tool for one click to open or close CD/DVD drivers.

Eject and Close

Eject and Close 1.0

Developer kwanann

It is an simplistic program with the sole aim of ejecting or closing the cd tray.

Open Close CD DVD Door

Open Close CD DVD Door 1.0


Dos Command Center für Windows

Dos Command Center für Windows 1.0

Developer e-merge GmbH

Exsense DiskTray

Exsense DiskTray 1.0

Developer Exsense Software

DiskTray is a software for eject and close CD/DVD-Drive door.

Eject Close CD ROM

Eject Close CD ROM 2.0

Developer SAMO

Close Tray

Close Tray 1.5

Developer Devilsoft

Close Tray will add "Close Tray" with the "Right click" on cd/dvd icon.

Dos Command Center

Dos Command Center 1.0

Developer e-merge GmbH


eject-close-CD 1.0

Developer eFile@Cofee.Net

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